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Jansen GTS-2000 PRO NEW MODEL, Wood chipper / garden shredder KOHLER 14hp


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The GTS-2000 pro is new in our range and the improved machine for the previous model GTS-2000. Thanks to its solid and stable construction, it is an especially robust device and is also suitable for commercial use. In its operational state, the shredder weighs 203 kg. But thanks to the large rubber tires and ingenious weight distribution (with the high-power engine being placed in the middle), it can be easily moved. Small corridors and doors are also not an obstacle for the GTS-2000pro as it is only 66 cm in width.

Main differences to the pre-model GTS-2000 are e.g. the bigger size of the filling funnel (47x41 cm), which makes the chipper more suitable for bushy material, as well as the optimisation of the counter blade that clearly leads to a better retraction of the material. As well as the angles of the filling funnel have been adjusted, so the feeding is now even easier and more efficient.

Thanks to the high ejection chute, which can be turned 180°, the woodchips can be directly expelled onto a trailer. This prevents having to tediously move the shredded material from the floor to the trailer by hand. The throw distance can be set at the ejector itself.

According to the texture of the wood the shredder shreds branches of a maximum diameter of 12 cm! ( soft wood) 

The GTS-2000pro feeds material into the shredder itself with formidable power, thanks to the 2 rotating blades which rotate on the heavy barrel and run against a counter blade. The barrel blades can also be turned and can be used a second time. At this point we have also improved the alignment of the counter blade in comparison to the pre-model.

Additionally the filling hopper can easily be opened with quick release clips, which makes maintenance and cleaning work a lot easier. The upper filler neck can be inserted after work to save space. This means efficient work is preprogrammed.

Using the supplied towing hook, the unit can be towed with ease to any location. The shredder is also very maintenance-friendly. Parts such as blades, counter blades, etc., are easy to reach. In a few easy steps you can remove the whole hopper in order to gain better access to wear parts. The bearings are also equipped with grease nipples.

The powerful 14 HP KOHLER engine with electric starter gives you complete independence from the power grid so that the shredder can even be used in remote locations. The engine comes equipped with a recoil starter and can, if necessary, be turned off directly at the hopper using the emergency switch.



Kohler engines
The American manufacturer Kohler has been building innovative engines which are distinguished worldwide for their excellent design and outstanding traditional manufacturing process since 1873. Alongside Honda and B&S, Kohler is one of the brand leaders when it comes to equipping garden and landscaping devices, as well as lawnmowers, with compact engines. Leading manufacturers such as John Deere, MTD, Stiga, Toro and many more use these high-quality engines. Kohler does not only build petrol engines - today the innovative Italian diesel engine manufacturer Lombardini also belongs to the Kohler Group.

Technical specifications:
  • 4-stroke Kohler OHV engine, 14 PS, 429cc
  • Starter: Electric starter & Recoil starter
  • Max. Branch diameter: 120 mm
  • Total weight (dry): 203 kg
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Tank capacity: 7.0 litres
  • Fuel consumption: approx. 1.5 L/h
  • Ejection: 180° turn
  • Ejection height: 1100 mm
  • Feed height: 1000 mm
  • Number of blades: 3 blades (2 blades, 1 counter blade)
  • Hopper entry measurement: 470x410 mm (LxB)
  • Measurements of packaging: 1120x750x1090 cm (LxWxH)
  • Measurements: 2300x660x1460 cm (LxBxH)
  • Weight including packaging: 250 kg


The device is delivered well packed in a wooden crate. You should allow approx. 1/2 hour for final assembly. Assembly is really easy; you need approx. 1.5 litre of engine oil for the engine. For this purpose we recommend multi-grade oil of classification 10W40 or 15W40. Assembly instructions and an instruction manual are included. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



2 year parts only warranty, you send us the photo of damaged part , we access and post you out the replacement part and you make the repair.



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Call us on 01795 500077 or contact us


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