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Stump grinder Jansen BSF-60T


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Our BSF-60T stump milling cutter is designed to attach to your tractor and be powered by the PTO shaft. The base frame is fitted with three-point linkage and stable support feet.

It is the perfect solution for removing stumps and stubs in all sizes and wood types and is handy whenever small hand grinders can’t manage!

The 54 shaping blades are made from hardened steel, and are screwed on the 60cm large milling wheel. These can be replaced individually.

With a milling swivel range of 40 ° and a milling width of 60 cm, it effortlessly cleans up ingrained surfaces and removes tree roots up to a depth of 30 cm and a maximum height of 45 cm.

The milling head is vertically and horizontally swiveled with two hydraulic cylinders. The stump milling cutter is operated easily from the tractor cab.
The machine is built to be compatible with categories I and II on your tractor.

Technical data:

  • Tractor power: min. 30 HP
  • PTO shaft rotation: 540 U/min.
  • Hydraulic connections: 2x double acting
  • Milling swivel range: 60 cm
  • Swivel angle: 40 °
  • Milling height: approx. 45 cm above level
  • Milling depth: approx. 30 cm below level
  • Milling wheel rotation: 950 U/min.
  • Packaging dimensions: 160x95x78 cm
  • Weight: approx. 280 kg

The device is delivered well packed. You should allow approx. 2 hours for initial assembly


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