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35 Ton Crossfer log splitter legend 9 hp engine 61 cm


Condition: New
Price: £ 1380.00
Shipping Cost: £ 200.00
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- Powerful 35 ton nip pressure
- Reliable 9.0PS 1 cylinder 4 stroke engine
- Drawbar with receptacle for DIN ball end coupling
- Large pneumatic tires
- Safe two-hand operation
- Double chamber pump for fast forward and reverse
- Intake and return hydraulic oil filter
- Spray and abrasion protection sheathed hydraulic hoses
- Solid construction and precise cylinder guidance

Technical specifications:
gasoline engine
1 cylinder 4 stroke 9 hp 270 ccm
Gasoline Super unleaded / engine oil SAE 5W-30
wood splitter

Maxim power
35 tons
Maximum strain record
61cm length x 50cm Ø
Maximum split stroke
about 55cm
Speed ​​forward (without load)
3.7cm / sec
Speed ​​return
4,6cm / sec
Tank volume hydraulics
approx. 15 liters
Recommended tank filling
15 liters of hydraulic oil HLP32
Maximum oil pressure
241 bar
Dimensions of hydraulic cylinder
ø 127mm / length 560mm
Maximum delivery
60 liters / min
Dimensions Ready for use
L 210 x W 98 x 121 cm
own weight
about 245kg
Shipping weight
about 270kg
Shipping Dimensions
Subject to technical changes and design changes at any time. All dimensions + - 2%

1 petrol wood splitter VHLS35T-G9.0 on trailer with DIN ball end coupling
NEW COMMODITY! With two-year warranty (wear parts excluded)
Assembly required allow approx 2 hours to complete assembley. 
Operating instructions in English
To operate you additionally need:
approx. 12 liters of hydraulic oil HLP32
approx. 0.6 liter engine oil SAE 5W-30
Fuel Super unleaded
installation effort
2 men about 1-2 hours.
A quality product from Crossfer Germany


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