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3 point post hole digger Jansen TBG-200


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Our Jansen TBG-200 tractor earth drilling system is mounted using the 3 point linkage (Cat. 1 or 2) of your towing machine, tractor, agricultural tractor, etc. The P.T.O. must have a minimum speed of 540 rpm.

The earth drill has been finished to our specifications and has undergone a strict quality inspection. We have been selling these devices successfully for many years, and they have been tried and tested by hundreds of customers. In contrast to many “cheap drills”, our drills reliably fulfil their duties thanks to their sturdy construction. Our drills have a specially strengthened gear box. Earth drills often look the same, but when you look closely you can see clear differences in quality and stability.

You can mount the tractor drill system to category 1 or 2 hitches. It has a safety system, which ensures that the gear box, shaft and tractor cannot be damaged. Your tractor should have at least 15 HP (according to diameter of auger)

As part of delivery you also receive an adjustable P.T.O. / articulated shaft with protective cover. The auger displayed is not part of delivery and must be ordered separately.

The augers have a length of 1.25 m and are deliverable with the following diameters: 150 mm, 225 mm, 300 mm 450 mm and 600 mm.

We are also happy to make you an attractive offer on the telephone for a tractor drilling system including the required augers.

The augers can generally be unscrewed in our drills, and can be replaced with ease. The same applies for the blades.

Our tractor drilling systems can be used universally and are mostly used in the garden and landscaping sectors, in fence construction, in the agriculture and forestry sectors, in the setting-up of drainage systems, or for preparing plant holes. The range of uses of this device is quite substantial.

Technical specifications:

  • P.T.O. revolutions: 540 rpm.
  • Tractor: Min. 15 HP (according to diameter of auger)
  • Weight: approx. 80 kg
  • incl. PTO
  • Overload protection: Safety pin
  • Specially strengthened gearbox
  • Gear reduction ration 1:3
  • 5 auger sizes available for delivery
  • Mountable to 3 point hitch Cat. 1 or Cat. 2
  • Very robust design
  • Weight including packaging: 110 kg
  • Packing Dimensions 2010x635x355 mm


The gear box of the earth drilling device must be filled with 1.9 litres of oil prior to use. An instruction manual is included. The augers are not included as part of delivery!


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