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Rotary lawn Mower with 100 cm width for hand tractor Jansen MGT-420


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he rotary lawn mower with a mowing width of 100 cm is for our Jansen MGT-420 motorised hand tractor.

It is ideal for all large jobs on pasture and field areas, pond areas, as well as terrain which is difficult to reach with tractors or ride-on mowers. It also, of course, can be used for commercial purposes and landscaping.

The rotary lawn mower can be attached to the Jansen MGT-420 motorised hand tractor in a few easy steps, and is ready for action immediately. With a maximum mowing width of approx. 100 cm, large and difficult to reach areas are taken care of in no time. The cut grass is ejected to the side or if desired, collected directly in the included collection basket (approx. 160 l). The collection basket will save you a lot of trouble. The rotary lawn mower is equipped with 4 blades, which are mounted freely on 2 rotating discs.

Technical specifications:

  • Drive: MGT-420 Motorised hand tractor
  • Transmission: Power takeoff (P.T.O)
  • Mowing width: 100 cm
  • Mowing high: 5 - 13 cm
  • Blades: 4 pcs
  • Basket capacity: 160 l
  • Dimensions of packaging: 110x115x90 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight: 130 kg


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